February 5, 2018

Dear Wilson Parents and Families,

The spring semester is here, and although it may not “feel” like spring, this is truly a time of renewal at Wilson College.  For our returning students, he beginning of a semester always gives students the ability to “reboot” and “restart.” I met with several returning freshmen this morning, and all of them mentioned the excitement they feel with the ability to “start fresh this semester” with the awareness that their first semester might not have been their best one.  Although many students are returning, we do have quite a first time freshmen joining us this semester from as far away as Ecuador and as close as Chambersburg itself.  For these brand new students, this is a time to truly “start anew.”  

Here in the division of student development, we have a new addition on our staff, Megan Cavanaugh, who joins us as our new director of counseling services.  Her energy and enthusiasm for working with our students is exciting, and I know she has great things planned for that department as we go through this new semester.

Megan joins a team of engaged staff members who want to support your student through the rest of their time at Wilson.  From the counseling center to dining services, our desire is to meet each student where s/he may be and help her/him grow and thrive through this educational experience.

Moving forward, as you continue to walk down the path of support for your student, I ask that you remember to do three things:  1) ask your student questions, 2) encourage your student to ask questions, and 3) empower them to use their campus resources.  They are on a long educational journey, and although it will not all be easy, there are ways that they can make the trip easier by asking for help and using the help they find all along the way.

Please let me know if I can ever be of help to you and/or your student.  My door is always open, and my ears are willing to listen. 

Wilson love,
Dean Mary Beth

Mary Beth Williams, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students