Writing Lab Assistance

The Academic Support Center assists students with all stages of the writing process:

  • Outlining/Organizing
  • Drafting
  • Developing a thesis
  • Research methods and documentation
  • Editing
  • Revising


Online Writing Lab

  • All papers must be spell checked for common words; if it is clear the paper was not checked for spelling, it will be returned without review.
  • The review will consist of comments detailing areas that need improvement (i.e. organization, thesis, sentence structure, and so forth) and will offer advice on how to correct problems. However, please note that this is not a proofreading service!
  • Provide assignment details and the date you need the review returned (NOTE: Please allow ample time to review your paper-- you will need time to revise/edit).


IMPORTANT: If your paper requires significant revision, you will be asked to make an in-person appointment on campus.



  • Allow at least 24 hours for a review - Don't wait until the night before the paper is due!
  • One paper per appointment or online submission.
  • Come prepared to be an active participant!