Reasons to Consider Tutoring

  • At the first sign that you are having trouble in the course
  • When you are having trouble organizing notes or deciding what to study for a test
  • When your grades on tests are much lower than expected
  • Whenever your instructor suggests tutoring
  • When you feel confused or unprepared for an upcoming test and need someone to help review the material
  • When the instructor's teaching style and your learning style are not the best fit and you need someone who might offer another approach to the material
  • As soon as you receive a low-grade report. Don't wait until the last week or two of the semester
  • If you have a Learning Contract for the semester

Items to Bring to a Tutor Session

  • Course syllabus
  • Assignments or homework you are having problems with
  • Specific questions
  • Writing supplies (pencil and paper)

Please give the tutor a grace period of 15 minutes before leaving a scheduled tutor session.