Program Perspective: Sport Management

“Since age 11, I have been behind a lens, photographing sports. Working with athletes has always been a goal of mine and choosing sport management at Wilson College was just a natural progression for me. Wilson has opened so many doors that led me to choose this major and I'm so grateful for the connections I have made here. My experience working with the baseball team and the opportunity Wilson provided for me with my internship along with my studies has given me the tools and the knowledge to take what I have learned here and be the best that I can be in my chosen career path!” 

Lori Frey

Lori Frey has been teaching and leading in the sports and athletics arena for more than 30 years.  From 1988-2020, Frey served as faculty in Exercise Science and Physical Education as well as Director of Athletics.  During her tenure as AD, Wilson College gained NCAA and conference membership and experienced a transition to co-education.  The department expanded from a staff of one to a department of 40, sponsoring 11 Division III sports for men and women.

Center Circle

Wilson’s Men’s Soccer Team Helps International Students Feel at Home
By Frances Caroscio
Even before soccer entered the landscape at Wilson as a men’s varsity sport, the game brought students together on campus.