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Required for PA Certified teachers who would like Wilson College to report Act 48 credits to PDE. Wilson College reports only courses completed for credit at the college. Students must have a grade of 'C' or better in the course for it to be reported as meeting Act 48 requirements. Determining if this course credit actually satisfies Act 48 requirements is not the college's responsibility.
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he Federal Government requires that Wilson College reports student race/ethnicity information as part of our annual data collection. The information will not in any way be part of the institution’s admission process and decision with regard to the applicant.
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Students may elect to defer their tuition payment by accepting the online Deferment Agreement available through their MyWilson Portal Self Service. The Deferment Agreement must be accepted for EACH TERM during which student would like to choose this option. There is a non-refundable Deferred Payment Fee of $50.00 per 16-week semester for the convenience of deferring payment. A link to the Self-Service Deferment Agreement Acceptance instructions is listed on the right-hand side of the MSE program webpage. New students that are registering for their first graduate course can choose this option after the course registration has been processed, and MyWilson portal login information has been provided.
It is the student's responsibility to inquire to the Office of Financial Aid to determine if she/he qualifies for Financial Aid for this semester. Please contact the Business Office with questions concerning payment. All payments must be made to the Business Office. *I agree that in default of any financial obligation to Wilson College, I agree to pay all costs and expenses incurred by Wilson College, including collection agency costs and reasonable attorney fees, in collection of any sum that is due. *If agree that if I owe a financial obligation to Wilson College, Credit Bureau reports may be reviewed by collection agencies. *I understand that in the event of default that academic transcripts and grades will not be released until the debt is paid in full. *By agreeing and submitting this form, I agree that the above information is correct, and confirm my understanding of the Financial Obligation as described above.
I agree that the information entered into this form is correct, and understand my Financial Obligation as described above.