Post-9/11: Psychological Implications from Societal and Clinical Perspectives






From a societal perspective based on psychological research and a clinical perspective based on work done with children, civilians, and military personnel post-9/11, Drs. Schmidt and Hershey will present on how the events on 9/11 and the subsequent media coverage have fostered the development of a new psychological manifestation of anxiety in children and adults today.

Student Research Day 2017

     This special day is held annually to honor our students and faculty mentors in their pursuit of outstanding research, scholarship, and creative activities.  This event brings together our community in supportive recognition and understanding of the wide spectrum of research disciplines in which our students and faculty are involved as they pursue creative, academic, and scholarly achievements.  Each student presenter has worked with one or more faculty mentors in exercising their intellectual and creative abilities which have culminated in the research presented at this event.