Epidemic: An Exhibition by Dr. Eric Avery and Adam DelMarcelle

Please join us Monday, February 14th from 11 a.m. -12 p.m. in Wilson College’s Cooley Gallery for the opening of Epidemic: An Exhibition by Dr. Eric Avery & Adam DelMarcelle. During the first half of the opening, visitors will have an opportunity to view the exhibition, and in the second half, they will be invited to participate in a Q&A with Visiting Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Adam DelMarcelle and Cooley Gallery Curator Joshua Legg in the Lenfest Learning Commons.   

Lunch and Learn – NASA’s InSight and the Deep Space Atomic Clock

Hear Wilson Professor, Chad Lower, tell you about what's new at NASA. 

Deep Space Atomic Clock: NASA has built an atomic clock they hope to use on future missions. In October or November 2018, it will launch into an orbit around the earth for about a year while they continue testing the clock. Current launch date looks like November 19.
InSight Landing on Mars: The spacecraft InSight was launched May 2018 en route to Mars. It should arrive at Mars and land November 26, 2018.